Where is the Body? Is a University for the Creative Arts based research cluster, inaugurated by a symposium in June 2017. The cluster aims to explore and archive ideas and practices of UCA researchers, as well as establishing connections and dialogue outside the University, and primarily to expand and challenge prior expectations of the relationship of contemporary art (and surrounding cultural and discursive agencies) to the body.

The project originated from common interests of Adrian Lovis, Mary-lou Barratt and Vicky Smith, in recent tendencies for activities (walking, cycling, wild swimming, BASE jumping etc) recognised as leisure and life interests, being brought into the realm of art as means to explore issues of agency, as well as corporeal and sensory experience, both of the body in itself and in its interface with the world.

Flora Parrott joined in 2018, bringing insights from research that situates the body in a cross-disciplinary context between art and geography, emphasizing the cave as an exploratory site of and by the body.

The research cluster seeks to be an expanding resource, including annotated bibliographies and an archive of members’ knowledge base and practices. The spirit of sharing experience is core to the research cluster as a means to identifying routes of research including invitations to dialogue and creative collaboration.

Supported by the University for the Creative Arts.

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