Symposium 2017

The Body & Materiality Research Cluster’s inaugural event.

The Art Workers’ Guild, 6 Queen Square, London WC1N 3AT

Wednesday 5 July 2017, 13:00-18:00

Screening – Judith Butler and Sunaura Taylor in a clip from Examined Life. (2008) Directed by Astra Taylor [online]: Sphinx Productions.

Introduction – Where is the Body? Adrian Lovis, Mary-lou Barratt and Vicky Smith share an interest in the centrality of the body, which unifies their otherwise diverse practices. Today’s threeway conversation seeks to locate the significance of this shared enquiry into the body by exploring a range of theoretical and practice concerns, opening up points of departure and framing a range of potential areas for further discussion.

A Slice of CAAKE – Tara Murphy and Rachael Gomm introduce the concepts behind an interdisciplinary collaboration that has emerged out of a common interest in the intersections between movement and matter in both craft and movement practice. Using a short film, CAAKE: Readings in Passage, as a springboard, they will share a series of core questions.

Stilling the Dancing Body – Rossella Emanuele considers how dance thinking and practice might enhance or inhibit usual patterns and processes of making, and questions whether, in this transposition of the body from dance to fine art, the work produced retains an explicit sense of bodily presence or not.

Extispicy in the Everyday, A Woman Holding a Liver, Books as Bodies, Bodies as Books – Amanda Couch is particularly concerned with embodied ways of knowing and becoming and telling (hi)stories on, through, and with the body. She shares an exploration of histories of the body through narratives of digestion, food and eating, divination, and books and bodies.

The Ghost of Cinema’s Breath – Jason Dee uses examples of his art practice to discuss the relationship between the rhythms/spaces of analogue film and the rhythms/spaces of the human body, and what happens when 20th Century analogue recordings of bodies are transferred to alternative 21st Century (digital) media.

Image: Mutaflor, 1996, video installation by Pipilotti Rist (video still) © Pipilotti Rist. Courtesy the artist, Hauser & Wirth and Luhring Augustine.